G4 18/12kW HMI Light

Simplicity, reliability and superior design have always been the hallmark of products produced
and distributed by PowerMILLS. The PowerMILLS G4 is the latest in a long line of products that
have become the standard by which all HMI lighting equipment is judged.

The G4 18/12kW HMI Light is bold new lighting fixture that provides a vastly greater air flow
volume that produces temperatures around 100° C cooler than existing instruments. Not only will this
feat of engineering result in significant savings on repairs, maintenance and replacement, but the G4 is
30% lighter than the current 18kW's and uses dramatically fewer parts. Inspired by jet aircraft technology,
Techniquip Corporation has created a dual-walled forward cowling and sidewalls that provide thermal
isolation and strength, while its unique undercarriage dampens the effects of large vibrations.

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